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At the Trek Bicycle Store of Highland Park we offer three different levels of bike fitting. Each fit is designed to ensure that your bike is fit to you based on your cycling style, past injuries and future goals. We look forward to helping you maximize your performance on your bicycle and reach your goals.

Test-Ride Sizing — Free

Our staff will help you find the right size bike for you. We will determine your riding style, establish if you have the correct stand-over clearance, establish seat height, adjust the fore and aft, observe torso and arm angles. This may be done outside on a test ride our in our Fit Studio.

Professional Trek Fit  — $150
Time — 1½ hours

Our Professional Trek Fit offers a comprehensive fit to meet your cycling needs. First we start off with a one-on-one interview to determine your cycling goals, review your current cycling training and talk about any past or present injuries. Next we do a full flexibility assessment and standing observation. Once this is complete, we will review all of the data we have and recommend any changes to your position.

Next we will put the bike on the trainer in the Fit Studio and have you ride. We will observe and make any adjustments needed. We will check the fore and aft position of the pedal/cleat interface using a level and plum bob, check handlebar drop and reach and seat fore and aft. We'll also check hip rotation and back angle. Finally, we will ask you how the changes feel and make any adjustments need.

Professional RETÜL Fit — $300
Time — 2½ hours

Using 3D technolgoy, Retül captures the rider’s position relative to his pedaling motion, which creates the most realistic replication of the actual pedal stroke and body position when out on the road and trails. Going beyond a static bike fit or even a video analysis, Retül uses 3D views to see these precise biomechanics while the cyclist is operating pedaling. This allows the fitter to see dynamic mechanics such as knee extension (from side view) in relation to knee wobble (from front view). With the data provided by the Retül system, the fitter can use his bike fit training and expertise to make the best decisions on adjustments to bike, cyclist and/or other equipment.

Fit process: A thorough interview with be conducted with the athlete to determine function, injury history and goals. The fitter will then conduct a biomechanical functional screen to assess flexibility, strength and deficiencies and asymmetry. Following this, the fitter will digitize the client’s bike as currently set up. Eight anatomical LED markers will then be strategically affixed to the rider's body and the Retül sensors will gather information in real time.

The system flashes 476 times per second, taking a full set of body measurements every 34 milliseconds. The Retül software synchronizes the eight data points, tracking them across longitudinal, vertical and horizontal planes and providing the fitter with a slew of data points that he uses in combination with the information gathered in the interview to make judgments on how best to adjust the bike and/or rider to optimize comfort, efficiency and power. Follow-up measurements are made until the fitter and athlete are satisfied an optimal fit has been obtained. Then the bike is re-digitized into the computer. Lastly, the athlete is provided with digital copies of findings and measurements after the fit.

What do you need to bring to your Retul fit appointment?

• Cycling clothing — you will get the most accurate fit if you are wearing clothes that you normally wear on the bike.
• Cycling shoes
• Your bicycle
• Optional — any saddles, seatposts, stems, etc., you have for your bike that you have or have wanted to try out. Do not feel obligated to bring these items as we will have all of the equipment you will possibly need if we find that you need a different size/length/angle/component.

Appointments and Hours

To schedule an appointment for a fitting please call the store (847-433-8735). Or you can email the store at Hours are Monday – Friday 10-7. We do not do fits on the weekend due to time and scheduling.

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